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Cover specifically designed and underwritten for small to medium commercial businesses.
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Adverse publicity can make or break a small to medium commercial business. Just one derogatory article in an influential publication can have devastating consequences for a business, regardless of whether the claim is true

Previously only viable for large well-established businesses, now smaller transport operators, food and beverage producers, food chains and retailers can access insurance protection for Business Interruption and Response Consultants to help them manage a Brand & Reputation situation.

This exclusive binder is underwritten by Liberty Specialty Markets – an Australian market that offers speed and reliability in underwriting and claims handling.

In conjunction with Liberty Specialty Markets, One Underwriting has developed a binder which is available to help protect your clients should an incident occur and have them back to business as per usual as soon as possible.

Contact one of our Brand & Reputation experts, who are available to work with you to help ensure your clients are adequately covered.

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We provide cover for:

  • (a) Response Consultant costs only, or
  • (b) Response Consultant costs plus Business Interruption (limit up to 20% of the Sum Insured) 
  • Limit options of A$25-500K 
  • Food & Beverage Industry 
  • Haulage, Transport and Cartage Transport Industry (excluding Aviation) 

Key Benefits:

  • Locally based underwriters 
  • Response Consultants to assist in the event of an incident 24/7 
  • Suitable for Australian businesses ranging from turnover of A$25m and under 
  • Only 5 questions to be answered for a quote

Why One Underwriting?

We bring combined experience from underwriting and broking to provide tailored products that are delivered effectively to our clients.
We provide a range of boutique services that foster collaboration and alignment of goals with our clients.
We provide our clients with unparalleled access to International and Domestic insurance markets.
We listen to the needs of our clients and in turn we work with them to create innovative solutions for their clients.

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