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Insurance for motor enthusiasts and driver training, whilst on a race track
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One Underwriting’s Track Insurance Cover Insurance - Insurance for motor enthusiasts and driver training, whilst on a Race track

Driving your vehicle on a racetrack can be both a rewarding and exhilarating experience, but accidents can happen.

Almost all standard motor insurance policies exclude cover from the moment you enter a Race track, even for activities like driver training or exhibition laps.

Our Track Insurance cover caters to most types of on track activities for vehicles of any age and value (however there are limits to the maximum insured values we will offer and activities undertaken).

To obtain a quotation for your event, simply complete the Track Insurance Quote/Proposal form and submit to us today!

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We provide cover for:

  • Rallies
  • Driver Training Days
  • Driver Experience events
  • Track Days
  • Club Days
  • Sprints

Key Benefits:

  • Impact damage
  • Theft and/or Attempted Theft
  • Malicious damage
  • Fire damage
  • Explosion
  • Flood
    Additional Cover
  • Transit damage (optional)
  • Annual Storage cover when not in use (optional)
  • Equipment and Spare Parts (optional)
  • Professional and Competitive use (optional)
What You should know

Track Insurance Cover is not a standard motor insurance policy, it is designed to specifically address a range of events common to the use of motor vehicles on a Track environment only. Track Insurance Cover is not a replacement for a standard motor policy.

* We strongly recommend reading the applicable Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording to ascertain whether this product will meet your needs available here.

What are some significant differences to a standard motor insurance policy?

It is important to remember that this is an own damage only cover, there is no cover for;
  1. loss or damage to any third party vehicle (for example this means for other track users vehicles)
  2. loss or damage to any infrastructure or property belonging to a third party (guard rails, lights surface)
  3. liability whatsoever for personal injury to any party (driver, third party drivers, officials, spectators)
  4. once this policy begins, there is no cooling off period.
Will I be covered for the full value of my vehicle?

The maximum amount we will indemnify you for will depend on a number of underwriting factors such as the type of event, the course on which it will occur as well as the sum insured of your vehicle (plus a number of other underwriting factors). We may not be able to offer cover to your full requested value and in the event of a total loss you may need to accept some of the loss yourself. Our maximum offer for your own damage indemnity will be detailed on the Quotation and Policy Schedule.

Competitive Events, am I automatically covered?

No, unless in your application you specifically request this cover and we agree to cover such activities (and it is shown on your Policy Schedule) you are not covered. Events covered must be untimed, you must not be competing in a timed against a clock or a place getting result.

Can I purchase cover for a competitive event?

In most cases yes, however your application must provide all details of the event and your participation. We will assess your application within our normal underwriting criteria and advise you of our terms, conditions and limitations of cover.

What about Professional racing?

Our standard product is designed for amateur driving events such as track and club days, however we can consider professional drivers as well as teams on application.

What is the minimum and maximum periods available?

Minimum period is one day or event, through to annual polices.

Can I cover the transport and storage of my vehicle?

Yes, as an optional benefit provided under the policy you can elect to cover transit and storage (but not under its own power).

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