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Insurance for 4x4 enthusiasts on road and off the beaten track
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4x4 Insurance Cover arranged by One Underwriting-Insurance for 4x4 enthusiasts on road and off the beaten track

Driving your vehicle off road can be a rewarding challenge, in the journey itself, the destination and anywhere in between, but accidents can happen.

Did you know that many standard motor policies actually exclude using your vehicle off a gazetted road, or limit the number and types of modifications you can make to your vehicle (even if those modifications actually make your vehicle safer).

Building the perfect 4x4 to suit your needs can be an expensive and time consuming pursuit, so correctly insuring your vehicle for its true value is vitally important.

The Secure 4x4 Insurance cover we arrange caters to most types of 4x4’s for everyday use on road or off, and we’ll work with you to arrive at an insured value that, if should the worst happen, can help have you back on the road with minimal inconvenience and secure hands to see you through.

To obtain a quotation for your event, simply complete the Secure 4x4 Insurance Quote/Proposal form and submit to us today!

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We provide cover for:

  • 4x4 Vehicles under 15 years old (unless if on Club Registration).
  • Legally modified vehicles
  • Accessorised vehicles
  • Vehicles used legally off road or gazetted roads

Key Benefits:

  • Three-year new vehicle replacement benefit where your vehicle has travelled <75,000km from new,
  • Agreed value or Market value
  • Choice of repairer
  • No claim bonus protection
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs
  • Hire vehicle in the event of theft or accident (optional)
  • First excess free windscreen and window glass claim (optional)
  • Emergency repairs and accommodation
  • Extended Recovery benefit
Additional Cover
  • Camping Equipment Camping Equipment

Why One Underwriting?

We bring combined experience from underwriting and broking to provide tailored products that are delivered effectively to our clients.
We provide a range of boutique services that foster collaboration and alignment of goals with our clients.
We provide our clients with unparalleled access to International and Domestic insurance markets.
We listen to the needs of our clients and in turn we work with them to create innovative solutions for their clients.

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