Individual Personal Accident & Sickness
Individual Personal Accident & Sickness
At One Underwriting, protecting your livelihood has never been easier with our Individual Personal Accident and Sickness cover.
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As a sole trader or small business owner accident or illness can present a significant problem not just to your health, but also to the continuity of your business.

Whilst Workers Compensation provides for workers injured at work, Individual Personal Accident and Sickness (IPA) can cover you around the clock should an accident, illness or sickness occur preventing you from earning your income. This enables you to meet everyday living expenses whilst getting back on your feet.

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Key Benefits:

  • Death & Capital benefit
  • Weekly Injury benefit
  • Weekly Sickness benefit

Additional Wellbeing:

  • Accidental HIV Infection benefit
  • Advanced Payment benefit
  • Coma benefit
  • Disappearance benefit
  • Escalation of Claim benefit
  • Family Accommodation and Transport Expenses Benefit
  • Home and Vehicle Modification Benefit
  • Independent Financial Advice Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Exposure

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