Golfer's Personal Insurance
Personal Insurance Plan offered to golf clubs for the benefit of their members.
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This policy covers three important areas – members sporting equipment, legal liability anywhere in the world and members personal accident.

Our golf related policies are custom written for golf clubs and golfers by One Underwriting and formed in conjunction with a number of Lloyds of London and other world class insurers.

Contact one of our golf experts who are available to work with you to ensure your clients are adequately covered.

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We offer cover for:

  • Golf clubs (private, public or social) for the benefit of their members.

Key Benefits:

  • Sporting equipment – covers loss or damage to sporting equipment anywhere in Australia. Cover is provided for up to $5,000
  • Legal liability – covers members for their legal liability while they are on any golf ground in Australia
  • Personal accident – provides certain benefits for member injuries sustained by specified events resulting from an accident while on golf grounds. This section also contains a death and major injury section.

Why One Underwriting?

We bring combined experience from underwriting and broking to provide tailored products that are delivered effectively to our clients.
We provide a range of boutique services that foster collaboration and alignment of goals with our clients.
We provide our clients with unparalleled access to International and Domestic insurance markets.
We listen to the needs of our clients and in turn we work with them to create innovative solutions for their clients.

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