High Risk Property Insurance

One Underwriting provide you options for risks others classify 'Complex or Hard to Place'

One Underwriting dedicated High Risk Property Facility caters to a range of property risks with a strong 'Risk Management' focus. Providing solutions for occupations that are deemed 'Complex or Hard to Place', we cater for small to medium commercial & industrial businesses in all locations across Australia.

Occupations include:    
Adult entertainment venues Recycling centres  
Backpacker Resorts and B&B operations  
Boarding house Ski-lodge operations  
Brothels Tattooing studios  
EPS risks Tyre and tube factories/Tyre re-treading  
Hostels Woodworking risks  
Nightclubs Youth hostel operation  


If you are struggling to find cover and it is not listed above please contact us, our aim is to offer advice and solutions for a wide range of hard to place risk, many more than can be listed.

Coverage is provided under ISR MkV with endorsements and appropriate sub-limits to ensure all aspects of client's exposures are adequately covered.

We can also accommodate business package coverage if ISR MKV policy type is not appropriate for your risk.

Limits available
ISR accounts up to $10 million Maximum Limit of Liability for any one client (Sections 1 & 2 combined).

To learn more about One Underwriting, please contact the
Key underwriter or our National Sales and Distribution Manager

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