Golf Club House Insurance

One Underwriting's Golf Club House Insurance keeps your client's club on the green and in the green

One Underwriting's The Club House Insurance Plan (CHIP) is a packaged insurance program that includes up to 10 policy types specifically tailored to suit the needs of Australian Golf Clubs.

Key benefits
  • Industrial Special Risks – with golf specific endorsements. These can include landscaping and golf greens, tees and bunkers, non registered golf carts, personal property of employees and others, TAB and Keno tickets and flood
  • Public and Products liability – automatically including
    • Participation for golf and other specified sports
    • Worldwide member to member liability (excluding USA and Canada)
    • Pollution liability
    • Courtesy bus extension
    • Errors and omissions cover
  • Machinery and Computer breakdown
  • Group Personal Accident cover for Voluntary Workers
  • Clubs Management Liability - with up to six insuring clauses including Director and Officers and Club Reimbursement, Employment Liability, Club Liability, Superannuation Trustees Liability, (employee) Crime and Other Liability
  • Ability to include Golf Course Pollution Liability, which is a golf specific insurance policy designed to protect against potentially significant costs where a club is involved with pollution to the environment. This policy covers a club when a third party, such as the EPA, local council or similar body or even neighbours lodge a complaint of a pollution event and clean up notices are issued.
The Golfers' Personal Insurance Plan (PIP) can be purchased by golf clubs (private, public or social) for the benefit of their members.

This policy covers three important areas – members sporting equipment, Legal liability any where in the world and members personal accident.

Our golf related policies are custom written for golf clubs and golfers by One Underwriting and formed in conjunction with Lloyds of London and other world class insurers.
To learn more about One Underwriting, please contact the
Key underwriter or our National Sales and Distribution Manager

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