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Drone Aviation

One Underwriting have developed specialised insurance options that are available to your clients who operate within an aviation environment. From as little as $750 per annum*, you can rest assured that your client’s operation of their remote piloted aircraft is adequately covered.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft ‘Drone’ Package

One Underwriting’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Insurance package, provides cover for:

  • Hull (RPA)
  • Payload (cameras, gimbals, associated equipment etc.)
  • Transit 
  • Legal liability

At One Underwriting, we’ve made insuring your RPA easier for commercial operators all over Australia.

Are your clients Commercial RPA Operators? Learn more on how One Underwriting can adequately cover these clients.


Commercial RPA Operations

Commercial RPA operation is where use of the RPA is carried out for remuneration. RPA operation is considered Non-Commercial when it is used for recreation, particularly operations where remuneration is not directly derived.

Some home and contents policies extend to cover recreational use of RPA’s; however various limitations apply ranging from size to operational environment. The One Underwriting RPA Insurance is only available at this stage to commercial RPA operators.



Cover RPA owners and operators should consider:

There are a number of aspects that should be taken in to consideration, which is best done on a case by case basis, but owners and operators of commercial RPAS should consider protecting their assets and third party liability.

  • Coverage for damage includes whilst in flight. The policy will also extend to cover road transit whilst in the insured care, custody or control for specified events.
  • Third Party Liability (TPL) cover binds to each RPA individually. TPL will cover bodily injury or property damage as a result of an RPA accident.

Example of commercial RPA uses

There are a multitude of applications for commercial operations, spanning property, tourism, insurance, mining, engineering, marketing, entertainment and sports sectors. Potential RPA Uses:

  • Oil/Gas/Electric – inspection, survey and mapping
  • Real estate – aerial site survey, inspection, aerial photography
  • Entertainment/Photography – aerial filming and photography
  • Construction – aerial site surveys and inspections
  • Maintenance – building inspection, damage assessment
  • Engineering – surveying and measurement
  • Media – electronic news gathering
  • Government/municipal
  • Weather and environmental data collection


Know before you fly:

Australia’s safety laws for remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), as defined in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101, vary whether you are flying commercially or recreationally/for fun. From 29 September 2016, if you are flying for money, or any form of economic gain, you need to have an RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC), or if you’re flying an RPA weighing less than two kilograms, you are simply required to notify CASA. For more information on safety laws or resources and links to essential information, please visit the CASA website


Contact one of our Aviation experts today, they are available to work with you to ensure your clients are adequately covered.

*Excludes GST and stamp duty charges


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