Legal Notice

Complaints and Disputes

We have in place a fully documented process for handling complaints and disputes with clients in relation to general insurance contracts and belong to an external dispute resolution scheme as a member of the Insurance Brokers Dispute Ltd.

We are also bound by the General Insurance Code of Practice and have processes in place to adhere to the requirements of the code. For more information please visit


At One Underwriting we value our clients, and endeavour to address complaints and disputes quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We believe a satisfied client is an excellent reference for our company.

Complaints and disputes are handled in three stages:
One Underwriting will try to resolve the issue in accordance with our internal complaints resolution system.

  1. If the dispute or complaint relates to a general insurance policy and is unresolved, the issue may be referred to the IBD Ltd Consumer Relations Manager for conciliation in accordance with the General Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.
  2. If the dispute or complaint relates to a Lloyd’s Certificate of Insurance issued by us, the matter will be referred to Lloyds Underwriters’ General Representative in Australia in accordance with the General Insurance Code of Practice.
  3. If the Issue relating to a general insurance policy remains unresolved, it will be passed to the IBD Ltd Referee for final determination, which is binding, on the insurance broker/insurer.

Please note

If you are not satisfied with the outcome determined by One Underwriting, you may contact the Insurance Brokers Dispute Limited (via the Financial Ombudsman Service) by calling 1300 780 808. Alternatively, if your concern is with the Insurer, you may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 1300 780 808.

National Complaints Manager

One Underwriting has a dedicated National Complaints Manager who is responsible to the Management Executive for:

  • Dealing with and attempting to resolve all client complaints;
  • Lodging complaints and disputes relating to Lloyds Certificates of Insurance with Lloyds
  • Advising clients of their rights to lodge complaints with the IBD Ltd; or with Lloyds
  • Managing all disputes with clients;
  • Liaising with the IBD Ltd; and Lloyd’s Underwriters' General Representative in Australia

We welcome your comments and feedback. Should there be some way you feel that we can improve our service; we’d like to know. Whether you are making a suggestion or paying a compliment, your feedback is the key to improving our products and services.